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Amar Razzaq




Dr. Amar Razzaq is an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Marketing at the Huanggang Normal University’s Business School since August 2021. He has several years of research experience and has been widely published in prestigious journals with a cumulative impact factor exceeding 50. He is also an ad hoc Article Editor, Associate Editor, and Reviewer for a number of prestigious journals. Dr. Amar’s research spans multiple areas of agricultural economics and marketing. He has also collaborated in several international research projects funded by NSFC, IFPRI, and USAID. The Chinese Ministry of Education has twice awarded him the Chinese Government Distinguished Scholar Award (in 2019 and 2020).

Dr. Amar holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics & Management from Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China, and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in Pakistan.

 Research Interests

· Agricultural Policy

· Food Security

· Natural Resource Management

· Consumer Behavior

· Food Marketing

· Rural E-commerce

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 Professional Experience

2021.08 – Present

Associate Professor

Business School, Huanggang Normal University, Huanggang, Hubei China

2016.03 – 201608

Assistant Research Fellow

Punjab Economic Research Institute, Planning & Development Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

2013.01 – 2015.12

Research Associate

Institute of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

2012.12 – 2014.11

President of The Society of Young Economists

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

2010.02 - 2010.06

Research Internee

Planning Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad

Research Projects (Participated)

2016.01 – 2020.12: Research on the impact of crop biofortification on improving population nutrition and health and its evaluation.  A key project of cooperation between the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

2017.01 – 2020.12: Micro-individual dynamic decision-making innovation product diffusion model and application research. The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Research Youth Fund Project.

2013.06 – 2014.05: Strategies to Control Diseases and Increasing Productivity of Livestock Sector through Improved Breeding in Punjab, Pakistan. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) & Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP)

2012.06 – 2013.05: Economic Analysis of Challenges in Development of High-Value Agriculture: The Case of Livestock Diseases in Punjab. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) & Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP).

Awards and Achievements


The 2020 Chinese Government Distinguished Scholar Award

Awarded by the China Scholarship Council, Ministry of Education, China for excellent research contribution


The 2019 Chinese Government Distinguished Scholar Award

Awarded by the China Scholarship Council, Ministry of Education, China for excellent research contribution


The 2019 Research Contribution Award

Awarded by the Huazhong Agricultural University for excellent research contribution

Selected Publications

  1. Razzaq, A., P. Qing, M. A. u. R. Naseer, M. Abid, M. Anwar and I. Javed (2019). Can the informal groundwater markets improve water use efficiency and equity? Evidence from a semi-arid region of Pakistan. Science of The Total Environment 666: 849-857.

  2. Chen, T., A. Razzaq, P. Qing and B. Cao (2021). Do you bear to reject them? The effect of anthropomorphism on empathy and consumer preference for unattractive produce. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 61: 102556.

  3. Razzaq, A., Y. Tang and P. Qing (2021). Towards Sustainable Diets: Understanding the Cognitive Mechanism of Consumer Acceptance of Biofortified Foods and the Role of Nutrition Information. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(3): 1175.

  4. Qing, P., H. Huang, A. Razzaq, Y. Tang and M. Tu (2018). Impacts of sellers’ responses to online negative consumer reviews: Evidence from an agricultural product. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 66(4): 587-597.

  5. Li, T., D. Zhou, A. Razzaq * and Q. Wang (2021). Rethinking the Role of Grain Banks in China’s Agriculture. Agriculture 11(1): 49. (As the corresponding author)

  6. Naseer, M. A. u. R., M. Ashfaq, A. Razzaq * and Q. Ali (2020). Comparison of water use efficiency, profitability and consumer preferences of different rice varieties in Punjab, Pakistan. Paddy and Water Environment 18(1): 273-282. (As the corresponding author)

  7. Akhtar, S., G. C. Li, A. Nazir, A. Razzaq, R. Ullah, M. Faisal, M. A. U. R. Naseer and M. H. Raza (2019). Maize production under risk: The simultaneous adoption of off-farm income diversification and agricultural credit to manage risk. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 18(2): 460-470.

  8. Razzaq, A*., A. Rehman, A. H. Qureshi, I. Javed, R. Saqib and M. N. Iqbal (2018). An Economic Analysis of High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems in Punjab, Pakistan. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 34(4): 818-826.

  9. Rehman, A., Q. Ping and A. Razzaq (2019). Pathways and Associations between Women's Land Ownership and Child Food and Nutrition Security in Pakistan. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16(18): 3360.

  10. Shahzad, M. A., Qing, P., Rizwan, M., Razzaq, A. & Faisal, M. 2021. COVID-19 pandemic, determinants of food insecurity, and household mitigation measures: A case study of Punjab, Pakistan. Healthcare, 9 (6), 621.

  11. Zou, J., Y. Tang, P. Qing, H. Li and A. Razzaq (2021). Donation or Discount: Effect of Promotion Mode on Green Consumption Behavior. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(4): 1912.

  12. Saqib, Z. A., Q. Zhang, J. Ou, K. A. Saqib, S. Majeed, and A. Razzaq (2020). Education for sustainable development in Pakistani higher education institutions: an exploratory study of students’ and teachers’ perceptions. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 21(6): 1249-1267.

  13. Ashfaq, M., G. Muhammad, S. U. Haq, A. Razzaq (2014). “Effects of livestock diseases on dairy production and incomes in district Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.” International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). PSSP Working Paper. 23.

  14. Ashfaq, M., A. Razzaq, S. Hassan and S. U. Haq (2015). Factors affecting the economic losses due to livestock diseases: a case study of district Faisalabad. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52(2): 515-520.

  15. Razzaq. A. Rural E-Commerce in Zhijiang City, China. IN: Zhou Deyi and Sikhar C. (eds.) The Future of Cross Border E-Commerce. AkiNik Publications, Dehli, India. 2019. pp. 169-174. (Book Chapter)